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Here are some things that are still on the table… CAVS AND CLIPPERS - Talk about bungling the process. Apparently the Cavs called to take the Clippers offer, saying if they drafted Caron Butler at #8, they’d make the deal, and the Clips had already notified the league they wanted Chris Wilcox. The deal is far from dead, in fact league sources say once the salary cap figure is set in mid July, the deal is going to take place, and it may include Lamar Odom. Apparently the hold up on the deal was Darius Miles, vocal displeasure with being traded to Cleveland, and Cleveland was said to have changed their price to Odom, things wavered, and ultimately fell apart, but both teams are still talking and a deal could be made soon.…

76ERS AND WARRIORS - The Warriors and 76ers did make a deal, but it doesn’t seem like the deal they were wanting to make will happen until after July 15th, if moving Speedy Claxton wasn’t a sign of the future for Philly, then I don’t know what is. The way its been said to me, is Derrick Coleman and luggage will head to Golden State for a re-signed Larry Hughes and Danny Fortson, assuming Hughes will agree to a starting salary of $4.5 million a season. If Larry gets too greedy, no deal. This deal reportedly appeals to the Warriors as Coleman is in the final year of his contract, and will clear out $9 million from the cap this summer, and could be VERY attractive at the trade deadline to teams looking to clear space for the 2003 free agent class…

MAGIC AND WASHINGTON - ESPN reported that the Magic and Wizards were close to a deal that would have sent Jahidi White and the #11 selection to the Magic, if Washington were able to grab Amare Stoudemire; the rumored deal had Mike Miller heading to Washington…

KNICKS AND MILWAUKEE - The Knicks and Bucks apparently had substantial discussions before the draft, and since the trade for McDyess, it appears the Knicks and Bucks are again talking swap, with Latrell Sprewell and Glen Robinson trading places. Ervin Johnson is rumored to be in this deal. Bucks source admitted that these talks have taken place and are on going, but that a deal is not likely until the salary cap is set, if Milwaukee makes a deal they will expect New York to lighten their load, with regards to the luxury tax, meaning New York may have to send more than Spree and take back more than Big Dog and Erv.…

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