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For the next installment of the series, 1997 squares off against 1993 in a battle for the ages (or at least for a post). Who would win in 7 games?

Class of 1997
PG Chauncey Billups
SG Tracy McGrady
SF Keith Van Horn
PF Tim Thomas
C Tim Duncan
Danny Fortson
Antonio Daniels
Derek Anderson
Bobby Jackson
Marc Jackson
Alvin Williams
Tony Battie
Ron Mercer
Kelvin Cato
Scot Pollard
Austin Croshere

Class of 1993
PG Sam Cassell
SG Allan Houston
SF Jamal Mashburn
PF Chris Webber
C Shawn Bradley
Anfernee Hardaway
Vin Baker
Rodney Rogers
George Lynch
Nick Van Exel
Bryon Russell
Chris Whitney
Ervin Johnson
Lindsey Hunter
Calbert Cheaney
Chris Mills

I think this one will be very interesting. Let's see what you think.

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You are right-it would be very interesting...btw good job with the draft vs. draft threads-I enjoy them a lot

C-Duncan vs. Bradley-Bradley is underrated-but Duncan hands down
PF-Thomas vs. Webber-Thomas is more of a SF,Webber dominates this matchup
SF-KVH vs. Mash-I think people are too hard on Van Horn-but Mashburn is the better overall player
SG-T-Mac vs. Houston-Houston is another underrated player-very good shooter, but he isn't close to as good as T-Mac
PG-Sam Cassell vs. Chauncey Billups-Billups is more of a SG-I dont like Cassell but I give him the slight edge here.
Bench: '93-It's close, but seems to me like 97 has too many average role players

In a shocker-'93 wins in 6 games, T-Mac's effectiveness is reduced becuase of the presence of another superstar-Duncan. Tracy tries to show he is the better player-but it backfires.
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