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This is a retort for the thread that mentioned 80's vs 90's... That thread made absolutely no sense... I think that if you have such a thread, that the teams you determine for what era they are in: i.e. 80's and 90's, should be based on draft year/era and imagine when everyone meets to play during the peak of their careers.... ( I do underestand that many people determine the era played in by when they played most of their careers in, but what do you do with a guy like Jordan?...Therefore it's too hard to determine what team he plays on...)

I wanted to do a Team Era for the '60's but I know many of you who may participate in this thread may not have heard of any of them.. I hope someone can put together a team from the '60's that they feel can compete with anyone of these teams...

If there are any other players missing or you would sub in, or feel that should or should not be on these teams, then say why and tell us!

These are the best players in their respective era:

70's :


PG - Magic Johnson ('79)
SG - Pete Maravich ('70)
SF - Julius Erving ('72)
PF - Larry Bird ('78)
C - Bill Walton ('74)


Robert Parish ('76)
Bill Cartwight ('79)
David Thompson ('75)
George Gervin ('74)
Bob McAdoo ('72)
Alex English ('76)
John Lucas ('76)
Doug Collins ('73)

HM (Alternates):

Bill Laimbeer ('79)
Bernard King ('77)
Walter Davis ('77)

Team '80's:


PG - Isiah Thomas ('81)
SG - Michael Jordan ('84)
SF - Karl Malone ('85)
PF - Charles Barkley ('84)
C - Hakeem Olajuwon ('84)


Patrick Ewing ('85)
David Robinson ('87)
James Worthy ('82)
Dominque Wilkins ('82)
Scottie Pippen ('87)
Kevin McHale ('80)
Clyde Drexler ('83)
John Stockton ('84)

HM (Alternates):

Mark Price ('86)
Tom Chambers ('81)
Joe Dumars ('85)
Brad Daugherty ('86)
Dennis Rodman ('86)
Chris Mullin ('85)

Team '90's


PG - Gary Payton ('90)
SG - Kobe Bryant ('96)
SF - Kevin Garnett ('95)
PF - Tim Duncan ('97)
C - Shaquille O'Neal ('92)


Alonzo Mourning ('92)
Chris Webber ('93)
Grant Hill ('94)
Jason Kidd ('94)
Allen Iverson ('96)
Tracy McGrady ('97)
Vince Carter ('98)
Paul Pierce ('98)


Dikembe Mutombo ('91)
Penny Hardaway ('93)
Jalen Rose ('94)
Ray Allen ('96)
Antoine Walker ('96)
Dirk Nowitzki ('98)
Elton Brand ('99)
Steve Francis ('99)
Baron Davis ('99)


Team ('90 -'94)

PG - Jason Kidd ('94)
SG - Gary Payton ('90) [He can play 2 as well]
SF - Grant Hill ('94)
PF - Chris Webber ('93)
C - Shaquille O'Neal ('92)


Terrel Brandon ('91)
Larry Johnson ('91)
Alonzo Mourning ('92)
Jamal Mashburn ('93)
Anfernee Hardaway ('93)
Allan Houston ('93)
Eddie Jones ('94)
Jalen Rose ('94)


Glenn Robinson ('94)
Latrell Sprewell ('92)

Team ('95-'99)

PG - Baron Davis ('99)
SG - Kobe Bryant ('96)
SF - Paul Pierce ('98)
PF - Kevin Garnett ('95)
C - Tim Duncan ('97)

Allen Iverson ('96)
Tracy McGrady ('97)
Vince Carter ('98)
Ray Allen ('96)
Antoine Walker ('96)
Dirk Nowitzki ('98)
Elton Brand ('99)
Steve Francis ('99)


Steve Nash ('96)
Andre Miller ('99)

When I originally did Team '90's I made somewhat of an observation... This team is very stacked with TRUE ATHLETES... Unlike the 70's and 80's whom are intellectually and fundamentally sound in their games... Therefore I thought it would be interesting to divide the '90's squad and see if you guys feel the same way...

MY PICK?... Team '80's --> Interior Defense is unbelievable with the awsome center combination of Olajuwon, Ewing and Robinson... They would make it very hard for any of the teams with big men to operate... and they have backcourt scoring in Jordan and Isiah... And their forwards...well they're pretty good wouldn't you say?

However, I must admit that Team 90's is very athletic and very intimadating... A great bench, but I don't think they could outplay the 80's ..

And the '70's?... I honestly think that if there were a round robin tournament b/w all teams ('70, '80, '90, '90-'94, '95 - '99) that I think the '70's team couldn't do no worse than 3rd place... Why? Cuz I think that team 70's would slow the game down completly making team 80's, '90, '90-'94, or '95 - '99 play a half court game... And you know any of the team's in the 90's are wanting to push the ball and run... But then again, team '70's would have a tougher time defeding the three pointer and the more athletic players... But the trio of Pete Maravich, Magic, and Larry can beat any team given on any day...

But like I said... Team 80's has the best combination of athleticism and basketball aptitude....
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