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Drew Gooden signs

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Drew Gooden signs 4 years max contract with the Grizz, so it looks like he is in the Grizz plans. Sorry Gooden haters, he is there to stay.
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We all know Gooden is a great player and could be a future star with his soft touch and speed I never questiond that. I just dident and still dont feel he was the best choice for this team. Do I want to see him play great and be the ROY after this season?

Of course. I know he will help the team but I still think on paper Butler is the better pick for this team. Im not gonna cry over spilled milk and I know that Gooden has tons of up-side and was considered the best player where the Grizz drafted. I dont think any of us are dissapointed in the pick that would be dumb, Im just hoping he's as good if not better then some other guys we could have drafted.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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