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Dunleavy vs. Butler

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Dunleavy vs. Butler

While watching PTI today that was one of the toss up questions. I dont know if it was Kornheiser or Wilbon who said this but they said butler would be better because he is among many things, more explosive than dunleavy. While watching some of the tapes on him, they are right, he is slow off the dribble. If his J ain't workin, neither is his game. While butler on the other hand is explosive, a high riser, has a good J, is more athletic, better defensively, and I think has better potential. What do you think?
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Originally posted by OZZY
Yeah you are right, Butler is better than Dunleavy. And the thing on when his jump shot is off, Dunleavy is. That was right on, you can say the same thing about Jay also. I just would want a more athletic 3, Bulter can do every thing Dunleavy can and he is more athletic so he is better.

Teams just want Mike because he is supposed to be know so much about the game, and he dad is was a pro coach blah blah.

To be frank with you, I think everyone likes Mike because he is white, might sound harsh but I think it is true. Just think if Mike Dunleavy was black, would he be that popular and wanted? I don't think so!
Yes sir, he would be.
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