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Dunleavy's in, Let the dealing begin!

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OK W's fans, now we're in trouble. The safe & easy choice is sitting in front of Mr. Cohan and St. Jean, and if you are a true Warriors fan, you know this could be trouble.
I can't help but think the Warriors will "foyle" the Thunderous third pick with a case of the "Carter for Jamison" heebee jeebee's.

So we worked out Dunleavy, Jamison shoved some prime rib down his throat and said...."it's a players team, we have a great workout facility and if your'e a nice guy like me, the pay day is huge down the road. Plus Chris Mills said he would customize your Escalade for free..". Something like that anyway.

Does Dunleavy stay in a W's hat for the remainder of the draft or are they going to deal him?

I have heard conflicting stories about Mullin taking / not taking a front office job because he thinks the Saint is an idiot. Does this influence the plan?

And what about the crazy story I heard mentioning that the Rockets might not take Ming? Draft Jay instead? That would really throw some confusion in Saint's bald brain..

I cant take the pressure anymore. If I am the Saint, I am telling Cohan to take the third pick and ..."trade it down, big man, trade it down!" :eek:

Your thoughts?
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my only thought was the mighty Clippers. I know they have two first rounders. Probably wont happen but if it did, I am all for it.

The Warriors could use some gym rat mentality (Dampier, I'm looking at you, Hughes and Jamison!)

Here's hoping thay things work out for once. Us Warriors fans could use something to be optimistic about besides the never ending lottery picks.

Warrior fan wish list;
1- New owner
2- Mullin on board
3- a RESPECTED coach
4- A hard working positive attitude from who ever we take at #3
5- An actual SNIFF of the Playoffs
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