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Duquesne player to transfer

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6'6" sophomore Chauncey Duke will be leaving Duquesne. He is a good outside shooter but plays a very timid game. Despite his natural talent he seemed to be in over his head in the A-10 and will be going to a D-2 school. This will give new coach Ron Everhart an opportunity to upgrade the talent on the roster, something we all want to see.

Click here for newspaper story.
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Does it look like you will still be getting Hall? Is James still intersted in transfering? That would get quite a front line in 2 years with Hall and James.
My understanding is that Ron Everhart is in Texas to meet with Hernol Hall this weekend. Ron seems to be pretty confident that he can convince Hall to attend Duquesne.

As for Shawn James, there has been speculation that he would be following Everhart to Duquesne but it is nothing more than rumor at this point. As far as I know James has not asked NU for his release in order to transfer.

And yes, a front line of James, Hall and Kieron Achara for the 2007-8 season would be a formidible one.
I hope that James considers coming to RI if he wants to transfer. Along with his brother, Will Daniels, Kahiem Seawright, Parfait Bitee, and a couple of incoming recruits, we would be extremely athletic.
AOXOMOXOA, is every returning duquesne player in over his head in A10 then? looking at his stats they look good & this was as Fr & soph, so he would probbaly get better....

"The 6-foot-6, 225-pound Duke started 26 games last season, shooting a team-best 46.8 percent from the field. He also was second in 3-pointers (38) and rebounds (4.6 per game), third in average minutes (30.5) and fourth in scoring (8.2 points per game).

As a freshman, Duke started 15 games and played in 28 of 30, averaging 18.8 minutes per game. He averaged 4.0 points and 2.7 rebounds a game. "

I think everhart will improve the talent on roster too but I dont see losing this particular kid as a good thing.
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