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E Rob & J Craw

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Am I the only one who thinks E Rob is afraid of the knife? I mean he went to about 100 doctors so they would tell him to just rest. Because surgery wasn't needed. Well if he rests all summer. How in the hell is he gonna work on his game? Lord knows his game needs work. He handles the ball like a 6yr old. Let's not talk about his passing. What happens if he rests the summer and his toe flares up in training camp? Surgery means the problem is gone. Rest means it could happen again and then we're screwed again. One other thing to the people who believe Jamal is too small to play the two. He'd be quicker than any 2 in the L not named AI. Besides the only 2's who would take him to the post are T-Mac, KB8, and maybe Finely. Everybody else he would have to chase around screens. Which may be better for us because he's not that good of an on the ball defender. If his weight is legit and he's at least 190. He's big enough. Back to those guys who would post him up. I forgot Paul Pierce. Nobody in the league can guard T-Mac, KB8 and the Truth. So it still wouldn't hurt us. We have to remember we have protection at the rim and his name is Tyson Chandler. (great shot blocker) I know that E Rob is probably at the Berto Center working out. I'm just saying that if he was told to rest. How hard could his work outs really be? Probably a joke compared to the others.
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