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After 1st week of season, I stress its still very early , overall the MAAC doesn't appear to be quite as weak as the knee jerk crowd proclaimed 6 games into the season. Here is a look at every team
( note this isn't a projected league standing, just where each team is Vs preseason expectations)

Iona- big surprise , looks like the Gaels are the real deal, definitely stamped themselves the team to beat in the MAAC

Marist - Played the Hall tough on the road and took care of business against lesser opponent, looked good so far

Niagara- won the games they should have played St johns close on the road, definitely looks stronger than most predicted

Rider - Played some tough teams close and took care of a BU team- primed for a mid pack finish, better than most thought given their youth

Loyola - only played one game and TCB

Siena- maybe won't fall as far as some thought, exceeded expectations, big game against Fordham tomorrow

SPC- lost 3 games and haven't looked good yet

Manhattan - disappointing so far, they really miss Mulligan, guards have been weak offensively and team can't shoot Free throws, recipe for disaster. Still early maybe Gonzo can turn them around, but this team looks to have some serious ****** in its armour

Canisius - two losses so far, don't look like a contender some thought they would be

Fairfield - Has looked horrible early in the year, could this be TOT's swan song, if the Stags don't turn it around ASAP I'd say so

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It's Rider and everyone else, Tony. Nobody has been as competitive against top teams. Marist is going to surprise, Loyola could do the same. As for IJC, they beat a team that will not be any good in the Big 12, good win the conference just the same, but let's not get carried away. Howard and the Vikings of Portland State gave IJC all it could handle and they are not MAAC equivalents.

However, some projected 'heavyweights' Manhattan and Canisius look mid-pack at best, so I am not sure the conference is much better than projected. And Fairfield looks to be one of the worst teams in DI.
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