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We have are now 10 games into the season. That is enough to get a feel for who on the Bulls are doing well and who is not.

I would offer the following grades for comment:

Chandler - C+ "Expected more. The bar has been set higher!"
Hinrich - A- "The captain is playing well."
Duhon - B+ "He has improved his offense and is still defending well."
Gordon - B+ "slow start, but quickly finding groove. Better passer!"
Nocioni - A- "The heart of the Bulls! Great attitude! Has been productive!"
Deng - B- "Not starting as he completes his recovery from injury. Should improve!"
Sweetney - B+ "Has been better then expected. Has had some good offensive numbers."
Songalia - C+ "Expected a lot more."
Harrington - C+ "Expected more."
Piakowski (?) - C "Has had a few good minutes and generally fulfills his role."
Pargo - C "Very limited opportunities, but should fill role."
Allen - C "See comment on Pargo."
Thomas - F
Basden - Incomplete / F

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Chandler - C+ He is getting better, having Sweets in the lineup has helped
Hinrich - B Started out GREAT, his shooting took a dive but not TO over the ball and still playing great D
Duhon - A- Who would have though Du was going to be an offensive threat?
Gordon - B- yes a slow start, but skiles is pulling him too much... shot has been getting better recently
Nocioni - A NO-CI-ONI..... much improved shot and still cwazy on defensive end... love the hustle
Deng - B+ Great for just coming off an injury, needs to stop shooting jump shots as much and drive to the basket
Sweetney - B+ much improved as season progressed... truly our only low post threat... great hustle, rebounding and scoring
Songalia - D+ getting better with bench role, still needs to improve
Harrington - B- solid contribution as our 3rd big...
Piakowski (?) - B he saved us against Bobcats... who can say that for any 12th stringer?
Pargo - C limited opportunities... but i wish skiles would limit this even more
Allen - D agh
Thomas - F terrible attitude, doesn't work no play time etc
Basden - C, I wish skiles would opt to play him more... he could get some steals and rebound for our backcourt

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Chandler - B-
Hinrich - C+
Duhon - A
Gordon - C+
Nocioni - B-
Deng - C+
Sweetney - B+
Songalia - C-
Harrington - C+

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Chandler: (C-)
We all expected him to be better.

Hinrich: (B-)
He is ok but can be better.

Duhon: (A)
He has been better than anything we could have expected.

Gordon: (B-)
He is like Hinrich. He could be better. Underacheiving.

Nocioni: (B+)
Similarly to Duhon but not at that level.

Deng: (C-)
In the middle of Chandler and Gordon. He could be more consistent.

Sweetney: (B)
Better than any of us could have expected. Almost like Curry.

Songalia: (C)
He is a role player - nothing more.

Harrington: (C)
He is a role player - nothing more.

Piakowski: (D)
He is a IL player - nothing more.

Pargo: (I)
Hasn't played a minute (?)

Allen: (D)
I think we expected more.

Thomas: (F)
Supposed to provide veteran leadership - not whining.

Basden: (F)
I expected him to average 10 or so mpg. Not a position on the IL list.
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