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Eastern Conference Coaches Grades

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NBA coaches have much more of an impact on their players than do the coaches in any other major sport. Like their peers in the NFL, NHL and in MLB, they create a social-and-working environment that's crucial to their teams' success. But NBA coaches make many more in-game decisions per minute, and that's the difference that makes the difference.

Lawrence Frank, New Jersey

Of their Big Three superstars, only Jason Kidd is totally legit. Vince Carter is supremely talented, yet when the Nets try to ride him in the endgame, he forces shots, makes turnovers, and loses more games than he wins. Richard Jefferson is terrific in a broken field, and can play aggressive defense. And Kidd remains the best all-around point guard in the league — others may shoot better, but none of his peers can pass, post, rebound, or play superior defense.

Besides these guys, Frank isn't exactly playing with an All-Star cast. Nenad Krstic is basically a 7-0 jump shooter. Jason Collins takes up lots of space. Clifford "Ancient of Days" Robinson is the only semi-reliable sub. And there isn't an adequate backup to Kidd. Somehow, though, Frank has managed to juggle the available spare parts and lead the Nets to the top of the Atlantic Division.

It says here that Frank's biggest mistake is to exclusively put the ball in VC's hands whenever a game is on the line. Let J-Kidd be the doer. Grade: B+
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I gotta give FRANK a C... :biggrin:
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