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EBW entered the portal. This was a bit of a shocker. We will need to get some new guys who are ready to play from the start.
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Lots of roster spots to fill during the next few weeks. Surprising in the sense that these guys appeared to be in position to play major minutes next year.
No doubt. If my math is right, 10 guys from the 17 on the roster won't be back.
iMO, I think the ones that are entering the Portal would have done it last year but didn't have sufficient game minutes/stats/film to land in a good spot. The 5th year guys coming back didn't help playing time either. It's just a shame because the guys seemed to be so tight but I get everyone has to do what's best for themselves in the long run. It's just such a gamble. I was talking to a College Coach last year at this time and he said 2 of 15 kids in the Portal went to the same level or higher than where they left. Of the other 13, they either went down or didn't get picked up anywhere. Not a fun experience in the short period that Fletch was in it. He was very blessed to be able to play a 5th year at BU.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts