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Economic lessons needed for the Bulls

Here I am sitting in my chair, looking at one of the many mock drafts which I usually don’t pay any attention to till closer to the date of the draft but something has just caught my attention.

There are a midgets hand full of power forward’s and centres in this year draft. So why? I ask again why do people want us to draft Brandon Roy with the second pick in the draft? Kirk Hinrich and Ben Gordon are our main men in the guard spots and have done a terrific job in the last two years doing so and getting us to the playoffs both years. Still, we have people asking for trades, asking to get what they think might be the answer for our club; therefore instead we have people wanting a want instead of a need.

Basic economics I learnt in high school-
* A want is what we desire
* A need is a necessity to survive

Although we don’t need a PF/C to survive, we do need one to get us further into the NBA playoffs than the first round!

LeMarcus Aldridge, Tyrus Thomas, Andrea Bargnani are the only players that should be considered at all on anyone’s wish list at our number two pick! One of these players will fill our need to be a stronger ball club. I haven’t heard much hype around Andrea Bargnani so far around bull’s fans, so let’s presume the two names on Paxson's white board are Thomas and Aldridge. Both players have their advantages and disadvantages.

Athleticism and potential Vs Fundamental and experience

Paxson has usually gone the experience side of things when drafting a player to the bulls; will he stay with that and draft Aldridge if Toronto passes on him? Or will John take a risk and jump at Tyrus Thomas. I know one thing for sure if he does draft Tyrus Thomas we can all be assured Przybilla or Mohammed will also be included on the new faces poster at the bulls next year.

Thomas does not have the height; although he plays an exciting brand of basketball and can bring energy to the team only seen in Andres Nocioni at this point of time to the Bulls. Aldridge can bring that much needed thing called height to the club. Tough choice but I am hoping for Thomas and a signing of one of the two free agents I mentioned.

With the sixteenth pick this is where we address our second need and that is height in the backcourt. Gordon is a star in the making, it still puzzles me why fans want to trade him when in his second year averaged 16.9 points and 3 assists all increases from last year, and not to mention he is noticeably a lot better defensive player. I can assure you that when opposition teams come to play us there is one player they know and are afraid will destroy them and that is Ben Gordon.

So why do fans persist wanting pax to draft a player that will create a picture of fans on their knees with their hands together in prayer that can score and contribute just as much as Gordon? Ridiculous!

Sixteenth pick suggestions that can maybe be there with fingers crossed- Ronnie Brewer, Rodney Carney, Thabo Sefolosha, Maurice Ager, and Mardy Collins. Are they going to be franchise players at the two spot? Maybe not but they sure do fill our need for height in the backcourt and would be great support and backup for Gordon.

Keep this core together! No major Trades! Only smart signings for our needs! If Pax follows those steps and addresses our needs, he surely will make my want for the team to get further in to the playoffs come true.

Matt Stevens

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One thing Paxson has said woud give heavy consideration to drafting the best player available rather than filling a need.,1,1263872.story?coll=cs-bulls-headlines

I think that since our frontcourt is very weak we need a more experienced one instead and thats why i think Paxson might be looking more to get our big men in the free agency. The only big man in the draft that i c that we should get is Shelden Williams. The guy rebounds, blocks shots, hits free throws, is a post-presence, played with Luol Deng and Chris Duhon, has had fours years of college basketball, and is a Scott Skiles type guy. To me as we all know Paxson is trying to get Ben Wallace so y try and get Tyrus Thomas then our team would be Tyson Chandler, Ben Wallace, and Tyrus Thomas = no offense at all. Bargnani doesnt have a back to the basket game which we lack from our frontcourt. he is a very talanted shooter tho :biggrin:. Last their is LaMarcus Aldridge will he be taken by Toronto? No one knows so its better to just search more than one guy especially if u do not have the 1st pick. Also in this draft their is no one that is good in both offense and defense. Some big are good on offense and some big man are good on defense except for Shelden Williams and thats why i feel we need to think about this under-rated guy.

i think guys like Nene, Al Harrington (if he doesnt want so much), Melvin Ely (i think he is a free agent), Ben Wallace, Nazr, or Przybilla they are much better to me.

if it was possible if Shelden Williams would be their by the 16th pick which i doubt this roster wouldnt be too bad.

PG-Kirk Hinrich 6'3/PG-Chris Duhon 6'1
SG-Ben Gordon 6'3/SG-Brandon Roy 6'6
SF-Andres Nocioni 6'7/SF-Luol Deng 6'9
PF-Tyson Chandler 7'1/PF-Shelden Williams 6'10/PF-Darius Songaila 6'9
C-Nene 6'11/C-Melvin Ely/Nazr/Przy(whatever one)/C-Malik Allen 6'10

PF/C-Antonio Davis 6'9
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