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Sup guys.

I'm a huge Elton fan, though I've only gotten to watch 2 of his games this year. (I'm flying out to LaLa in a week so hopefully I get to watch more Clips games on KCal while I'm out there). He looks great this year.

Question... I've noticed Elton is #2 in the NBA in blocks per game?! Whoa. For those Clips fans that have watched more games than me, what can you attribute this to? Are these mostly help defense blocks or is Elton getting them straight-up on other PFs? I hear Kandi is sucking it up this year (surprising actually).. so is Elton benefitting w/ better blocks/rebounding numbers? I remember Elton was top10 in blocks last season, but this is really surprising.

The kid looks great. Slimmed down, muscular, quicker off his feet, etc. I just wanted a better idea of where you guys thought his defensive improvement came from. Peace.

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