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Originally posted by <b>nfldraftking</b>!
The Suns will never win a championship with Shawn Marion. He doesn't fit well with this team. He didn't play well with Stephon, he doesn't play well with Amare and he's not helping the team's chemistry. Marion along with Joe Johnson and a draft pick will be more than enough to get Kobe in a sign and trade.

says you?

Phoenix is a run and gun team with Marion. Not only is Marion a great one-on-one defender, but he is versatile enough to rebound and play defense.

If we can keep Marion, Amare and pursue Kobe... I agree, we can become championship contenders. But losing Marion + Johnson just for Kobe is not enough.

And who says Kobe will automatically fit into the line-up/system?
Kobe is a great talent, but he jacks up more shots than Marion. With Lampe, Cabarkapa etc and other euros in Suns uniforms. We need a team that are willing to sacrifice shots for the team.

Marion, I can see doing that, but Kobe? He will average 30+ points... but suns will never pass the second round of any playoff series... in the west.
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