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...Toronto has needed James to shoot it quite a bit this season. Even with a healthy Chris Bosh, Sam Mitchell has had to lean on his point guard to be more of a scorer then a distributor on most nights.

James shares the offensive load with Bosh and Morris Peterson. And while it wouldn't be fair to give him all of the credit for Bosh's emergence as an All Star or Peterson's career-year, the veteran guard has found a way to get those guys the ball and develop his own stand-out season as well. With Bosh now on the inactive list, James' scoring punch is that much more important to the Raptors. But he's still catching flack.

"I've been criticized my whole entire life. I've been criticized by whole entire career," said James. "They (the critics) know though that I when I step onto the court I play with my heart and I play with passion. A lot of cats can't say the same thing."

James' assist-to-turnover ratio is also better than other top NBA guards like Mike Bibby, Jason Terry, TJ Ford and Tony Parker.

However, one of the intangibles that James brings to this Raptors squad is toughness. It's not something you can measure with a number in a spreadsheet. It's a quality you exude on the floor; an attitude you display that you also hope will rub off on your teammates...
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