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ERob not working out, Fizer tradebait for SF

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Well I'm not sure if you can copy and paste stories but heres the link:


Basically Fizer's days are probably numbered and is being offered out for a SF. Robinson although heathy now just isn't the defender they need at SF so they keep searching. Harpring and Miller ar brought up again. So is Lewis who they think is too expensive to worry about. Supposedly things have kinda stalled though. Well if we do trade him for a SF then is a possible Skinner/Baxter really a solution for backup PF? And do we even use the mid level exception? Who would be left at PF/C worth $4.5 mill and would be happy with 20-25mpg? I'm not so sure I'd be too happy with a Fizer for Harpring deal though. We better get one if not both of those GS #1's they traded for Jiri Welsch in addition to Harpring.
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I take this article with a grain of salt and wouldnt read too much into it.

Its a slow summer and copy still needs to be put out there.


Fact is we do not know what we have in ERob yet. He has not been sufficiently roadtested to proper opinion to be formed as to his defensive capacity - good or otherwise.

I personally think he has all the tools to be a very good defender - very quick , long arms, athletic , can outjump most folk

If by the trade deadline he is not blowing the wind up anyone's skirts let's have a look see then - but our supposed defensive woes with ERob are not going to be fixed with Mike Miller

Wally and Marc Jax can be had though

Fizer, Hassell and Crawford may get the deal done

I think if eveyone can take the d*ck out of MJax's a$$ long enough and he loses the "tude which he prolly is very entitled to have - if given the chance to be worthwhile and contribute - I think he could really rip it up and be an excellent player to have in the rotation at the 5 and 4.
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