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1. North Carolina - Record: 28-3
Comment: Most convincing team of the Tourney thus far. Sure, it was only Oakland and Iowa State, fitting into UNC's M.O. of routing lesser teams, but with UConn and Kansas out, the Syracuse region is now very much in Carolina's hands.

2. Illinois - Record: 34-1
Comment: Showed more in Round 2 beatdown of Nevada. Still has local route to St. Louis, with Illini public enemy No. 1 Bruce Pearl and 12-seed UMW up next in Chicago.

3. Washington - Record: 26-5
Comment: Impressive rout of Pacific, combined with surprising Gonzaga and Wake losses, leave Huskies in great shape to reach St. Louis, although Sweet 16 matchup won't be a stroll in the 'Ville.

4. Arizona - Record: 27-5
Comment: Wildcats have played three straight terrific halves to repel Utah State and then hammer UAB. Cats will need 80 more solid minutes to get out of Chicago alive.

5. Oklahoma State - Record: 26-6
Comment: Win over So. Illinois much more impressive than some will give credit, especially with minimal Joey Graham. Sweet 16 game against Arizona will be a treat.

6. Louisville - Record: 30-4
Comment: "Bitter we're a 4-seed" tour continues with very impressive pounding of Georgia Tech. Game with Washington could be best matchup of next round.

7. N.C. State - Record: 21-13
Comment: Battling with UWM for most impressive scalps of first two rounds. Julius Hodge is making sure the nation remembers just how good he is.

8. Duke - Record: 27-5
Comment: Will need to play better than it did in the first two rounds to make it to St. Louis, but draw is still fairly favorable, especially if Utah can handle Kentucky.

9. Utah - Record: 29-5
Comment: Quietly grinding its way through Austin regional. Utes are 0-5 vs. UK in NCAAs. But is revenge for '98 title game on tap against Kentucky? Bogut showing he can do more than score and rebound.

10. West Virginia - Record: 23-10
Comment: Double overtime win over Wake an instant classic (if it were on our air). Anyone who thought the Big East tourney run was a fluke needs to reevaluate. This is just a good old-fashioned March surge.

11. Kentucky - Record: 27-5
Comment: Closed the deal against Cincy, but helped a lot by curious Bearcats decisions down the stretch. We still haven't seen the best from the Cats. Utah will demand more than we have seen.

12. Wisc. Milwaukee - Record: 26-5
Comment: Only sitting this low because of daunting Chicago region foes (Illinois and then Zona/Ok State). Horizon champs have been the Tourney's most entertaining team thus far.

13. Villanova - Record: 24-7
Comment: Ignore the "we're way ahead" lethargy of the second half against New Mexico and Nova's living up to pre-tourney gatecrasher hype. UNC shouldn't overlook these Cats.

14. Michigan State - Record: 24-6
Comment: Gets the rematch it wanted with Duke after getting the gift of a 12-13 path to the Sweet 16.

15. Texas Tech - Record: 22-10
Comment: Solid but not spectacular. Waiting to see if wins were more Red Raiders or overrated opponents. Nonetheless, nice job by The General.

16. Wisconsin - Record: 24-7
Comment: On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin ... on to play your third straight double-digit seed.

Guess Michigan State and Wisconsin will have to go out there and prove something.. Fine with me!

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Yeah this pissed me off. What did Wisconsin beat UWM by this year? 25? More? And that's a team that doesn't blow anyone out. And if Michigan State puts it together with their depth, athleticism, and coaching they could definitely take that regional, which is more than a team like UWM can say. I guess it's just based on tournament wins, but if that's the case what's the point? It's 100% based on the draws which are completely out of the team's hands.

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Go figure, Wisconsin is at the bottom.
Fine by me, they'll win against NC State and be in the elite 8, making Bo Ryan's tournament record 7-3 (6-3 right now) And those 3 losses aren't much to be ashamed about (Maryland 'won the NC that year', Kentucky, and Pitt last year).

Just keep this team under the radar ESPN, that's fine in my book.

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espn is a joke. Their college bball analysts are a joke. Their bracketology is a joke. These rankings are a joke. The owner to the janitor is a joke
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