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ESPN Insider: Coaches hot seat

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Lawrence Frank, Nets
Another first-round flameout could doom him, but he has the support and respect of his players and his owner. If the Nets make a major change in the offseason, it likely will be geared toward trading for Kevin Garnett rather than bringing in a new coach
"It didn't strike up any paranoia, because I know we're all on the same page here. There was supposedly a conflict because I wasn't playing the guys Rod [Thorn] and Ed [Stefanski] brought in, but I speak to Rod and Ed every day, so it didn't really have any effect."

Frank's brief flirtation with job jeopardy came earlier this month as he was stuck on 99 career victories and the New Jersey Nets had lost five out of six. An item in the New York Post suggested Frank's job status was shaky, but Thorn came to Frank's defense publicly a day later and the story went away -- the rumor mill having digested a small morsel of disharmony during the dog days of a season in which stability in the coaching ranks has replaced the rampant turnover of recent years.
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this is the lawrence frank we've been waiting for.
Part of me wants Frank gone, part of me wants him to stay..

Because, at the end of the day, Mr. Frank it pretty damn smart.
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I don't understand why the national media is convinced the nets want KG. the core of this group looks pretty darn good. I just don't think Thorn would do it, he tries to get bargains more than anything, why would he trade for a max player when this is already a playoff team? It just does not seem like something Thorn would do even if the nets don't get out of the 1st round. The nets have a lot of draft picks, they just need an athletic big and a scorer off the bench. The main problem with the team is that the PFs on this team don't have a lot of energy (one is old, the other is injured).
Frank is fine with veterans, but he sucks with younger players who need teaching.
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