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1 Former Net and 1 Would Have been Net made the list

Kenyon Martin:

At no time was he ever worth anything close to the maximum dollars Denver gave him, let alone with three first-round draft picks thrown in. Martin's status as the second-best player on a championship contender caused many to evaluate him as a big star -- but clearly that was never the case. Though an explosive dunker, his offensive game is fairly limited, and his career best in scoring is only 16.7 points per game. Meanwhile, despite his tremendous leaping ability, he's been a very ordinary rebounder his entire career. Throw in a lack of durability -- his career best in games is 77, and he's cleared 70 only twice in six seasons -- and you have to question his star status.
Kyle Korver:

Korver is a fantastic shooter, and if he had any other skill that was even remotely on the same level he'd be a good player. But he doesn't. Korver can't create off the dribble to save his life, is a below-average defender and provides nothing on the boards, so he'd have to be absolutely awesome as a shooter to justify his minutes (and his contract, for that matter). But he generates only 14.3 points per 40 minutes, and even with the 3s his true shooting percentage isn't that spectacular. Overall, he looks like a 10th man disguised as a starter.

Its Insider so if you want to read the whole thing PM me.

Also in the list: Allen Iverson and Steve Nash are the most notables.
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