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I'm sure is about the time...
Is not easy to adapt to another culture... He lived in a country with a very very different sporting culture... Few years ago they didn't have the stats.. there is not about winning...
Yao has already changed a lot from last year in mentality

"Who knows, maybe by that time he'll be swinging elbows, listening to 50 Cent on his iPod, talking trash to his opponents in perfect English and wearing a championship ring.

Then Van Gundy would be happy. "

Is not happening this beacuse Yao will always be different... he grew in the Chinese way... but he will adapt year by year become more ambitious, more agressive..
Van Gundy is doing a good work on motivate him, on doing plenty of plays for him... He must understand he is the cornerstone of the franchise, that the teams depends on him... The team should encourage him, give him the ball.. make him understand is important..
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