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Here are some Family Guy dialogues that I just made up for fun. Hope you like em.

Cory: I'm bad ***. Bottom f**king line. Who wants a piece of me? Quagmire??
Quagmire: Whhhat? ahh, nooo. God no. Ahhll riggght
Cory: Damn right. Stewie??
Stewie: BLAST! What the devil are you saying. I say I say I have to concentrate on my most diabolical plan yet, and I have not the time to be caught up in your inessential manner.
Cory: Oookay, sorrrrrrrry Stewie. Chris??
Chris: I have a cookie. aaaaahahahahaha
Cory: wow, Brian?
Brian: *drunk off Martini's* OHhh, talk to the dogggg now. What, What, am I like 4th down your list?? huh, huh, well I'm gonna give youuuu a piece of myyyyy mind. Hows this for bad *** *let's out an extremely loud and smelly fart* ahaha ahahaha ahahahahahaha
Cory: I think I should stop. These Griffens are too bad *** for me.

Cory: So Peter, how is your own country doing?
Peter: How can you call this piece of **** its own country??Whaa, well I will kick whoevers *** who calls this piece of crap its own country. Who wants a piece of this?? Caaa monn....Ohh goddd, I need to take a huge crap. *Fart Noises* *Peter runs to the bathroom franticly screaming for his special poop magazine*
*Peter comes back from his #2*
Peter: Well, I must say, that was an enlightenment. I never knew a two ton brick could come out of my ***.
Louis: Peter!!! Don't use that kind of language
Peter: Sorry hunnie. *Whispers into my ear* She'sss a lesssbiaannn.
Cory: Aren't you married to her, so technically that wouldn't that make you a women?
Peter: I have the tits of this family don't I??
Cory: No question there.

Cory: Holy crap, there's no twinkies left!!! Chris, what should we do??
Griffin: Ahhhhh, no twinkies!! Were all gonna die!!!
Cory: It's not that bad Chris, we'll just order pizza.
Griffin: aaaahahaha...Chris loves pizza. It fills my tummy up. I just hope the evil monkey in my closet doesn't see me eating it.
Cory: For the Last time dude, there is no damn monkey in your closet.
Griffin: *looks above at kitchen chandelier where the monkey is hiding*
Monkey: * Threatingly points at Chris multiple times with an evil glare and with his razor sharp teeth: He hisses at Chris violently*
Griffin: ahhhhhh, I want my mommmyy!!!

All I gotta say is: F**k It . Am I right Stewie?
Stewie: What is it you say? I cannot be distracted by your bludgery while I am conspiring to plan a most devious plan against Louis
Cory: Aight bro
Stewie: What is that residual term you speak of? Bro? What is this Broooo you talk about? *Stewie becoming dramatic*I am not your brooo,dawggg or your homie my proposterously resilent acquaintence.
Cory: Woah Woah, this baby is on crack
Stewie: Yes Yes I say. Crack. Hmmm, brilliant. I will disguise myself as a crack ridden baby in order to fool that petty Louis. Ahhh Blast!!!! , it's brilliant!!
*Stewie runs off into the distance*
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