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Steal of the Draft
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C: Nenad Krstic
PF: Elton Brand
SF: Carmelo Anthony
SG: Ray Allen
G: Gerald Wallace
PG: Tony Parker

Util: Zaza Pachulia
Util: Speedy Claxton
Util: Ricky Davis

BEN: Hedo Turkoglu
BEN: Keith Van Horn
BEN: Amare Stoudemire

I never drafted in this league so my team was pretty bad but I made some good deals...

Gordon and Crawford for Parker.

Peja/Prince/Manu for Ray and Q

Dirk/Simmons(before season) for Brand/Melo/someone

I just got Allen yesterday, and I'm really hurting for a big man. Who should I trade? What other moves should I make?
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