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Who are your favourite players, they don't have to be awesome because many on my list are not.

2. Ben Wallace
5. Carlos Arroy
6. Matt Fish
7. Keith Closs

The last two do not play in the L anymore but they are cool.

What players do you like?

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Originally posted by Budweiser_Boy
In no particular order

Charles Oakley
Charles Barkley
Reggie Miller
Alvin Williams
Vince Carter
Corey Maggette
Jason Terry
Jamal Magloire
We all know Oakley and Williams are at the top. ;)

HEATLUNATIC what Wallace are you reffering too. There are three Wallaces that are extremely cool and could be favourites of anyone. Ben, Rasheed or Gerald?

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IMX Top 10 Players...

1. Kobe Bryant
2. Michael Jordan
3. Vince Carter
4. Tracy Mcgrady
5. Allen Iverson
6. Rafer Alston
7. Jason Williams
8. Jason Kidd
9. Kevin Garnett
10. Tyson Chandler

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kobe baby!!!!!!!
but my top 10 are
1. kobe bryant
2. gary payton
3. Ben wallace
4. Tim Duncan
5. Andre Miller
6. Bonzi Wells
7. ray allen
8. Shaq o'neal
9. kevin garnett
10. Vince Carter
Check out my attachment for those kobe haters!


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In no order:

Larry Hughes
Raef LaFrentz
Dajuan Wagner
Samaki Walker

In college now:
Reece Gaines
Aaron Miles
T. J. Ford
Any other Louisville player

O.J. Mayo
Raymond Felton
Shagari Alleyne
Leon Powe
Any Louisville Commit

Darko Milicic
Sofocles Schortsianitis
Ademola Okulaja
Any Benneton Treviso or Alba Berlin player

Captain of the World Famous Doctors of Dunk, Dr. Dunkenstein, AKA The Great Griff, NCAA National Championship MVP, top three All-Time NBA Three Point Shooter, Darrell Griffith

"Never Nervous Pervis Ellison" (in college... he would have been a GREAT pro had he not been injured.)

George Gervin

Hakeem Olajuwan

Tony Kimbro

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Xs top 10 players

In no particular order:
Kobe, Shaq, MJ, Darius Miles, Quentin Richardson, Elton Brand, Lamar Odom, Tyson Chandler, Eddy Curry, Pau Gasol, Jason Richardson, Baron Davis, Jason Kidd, John Stockton, Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady, Jermaine O'Neal, Reggie Miller, Jalen Rose, Peja Stojackovic (Yeah, I have a lot of favorites)

College/High School:
Jay Williams, Dajuan Wagner, Amare Stoudemire, Mike Dunleavy Jr., Matt Barnes, Sam Clancy, Freddie Jones

:D :D :D

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jason kidd, no doubt! :D

i'm starting to feel mike bibby a lot too.

once regular season begins, i'm gonna keep my eyes open to see who else i like (i took a short hiatus from basketball a few years ago, but i'm back!)

and back in the days, jordan was one of my favs (well, there were a few others that i liked too.)

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2.T-Mac(the Big :sleep: )
3.Paul Peirce
4.J Rich
5.Q Rich
6.Micheal Redd(I hope he becomes a dominate player.)
7.Jamaal Tinsley
8.Mike Bibby
10.Adur Rahim(sp)

J.kidd,Parker,Kobe not top 10 of coarse.

Thats my list now deal with it.:laugh: j/p

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Yeah Michael Redd can flat out shoot. Didn't he make like 8 threes in one quarter this year?:confused:

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Originally posted by Jason Caffeine

Any of the Kings. How can you hate them?
Ohhhh my friend, there are many ways I can do that. :yes:

But instead of listing those, I'll state my favorites to.

* Derek Fisher
* Kobe Bryant
* Shaq
* Paul Pierce
* Jason Kidd
* Robert Horry
* Rick Fox
* Reggie Miller
* Wally Szczerbiak
* Vince Carter
* John Stockton

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Micheal Redd did hit 8 tree's in one quarter. He was on fire. I was like :eek: And his defenders were like :upset: And he was like :D and his coach was like :yes: Go Redd! He is also a free agent, but i think he will stay with the Bucks. So he will only be second to Ray Allen.:no: :mad:
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