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Favre No Longer Feels Burden Of Carrying Offense
by Jeff Fedotin,
posted 11/16/2005

When injuries sidelined much of Brett Favre's offensive arsenal, the franchise quarterback felt he had to carry the franchise on the strength of his right arm.

"I had to go over the top to make some plays that weren't there," Favre said. "In some of these games, I don't think I needed to make as many chances as I did."

With that approach Favre made the spectacular play and accumulated 16 touchdowns, including two fourth quarter touchdowns to nearly bring the Packers back from a 32-12 deficit against the Carolina Panthers. But he also pressed, forcing some throws, which helped him rack up 15 interceptions.

Against the Atlanta Falcons, Favre had a strong and efficient game. He never completed a pass longer than 21 yards but finished 26-of-39 for 252 yards, a touchdown and an interception.

Most importantly he did not need to force the action.

"I don't think there was ever a time where I really needed, in my opinion, to go outside of what we try to do and make a play," he said.

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