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This February, Crawford seems destined to go to the Indiana Pacers. Or is it the New York Knicks? Or is it the Los Angeles Clippers? Or is it still Chicago?

The Bulls have lost 10 of their past 11. They are lottery-bound again and trade winds are blowing like gales off Lake Michigan.

The rumors are so fierce coach Scott Skiles talked to the team about them before their overtime loss to the Blazers.

"We told them it's something you've got to shake off. It's part of pro sports," Skiles said. "I mean almost everybody is on the trading block at all times. It's that kind of business. You just need to know that and somehow fight through that and still play well."

Crawford comes home to Seattle for tonight's game with the Sonics not knowing if he is a Chicago Bull for the duration, or a Bull for a couple of weeks. Is he a love-a-Bull? Or a trade-a-Bull?
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