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Here is the link to the final summer league stats.

Kwame didn't play like he did last summer but he was a little late to the party with injury this year. And we also saw what he could do last year making summer league pretty much a poor indicator of anything.

Stats that pop out to me is Juan's 22 turnovers (3.7 avg) compared to 21 assists (3.5 avg). I think as the games went on he got better in his assist to turnover ratio. His final shooting percentage of .404 was better than I thought after the first couple of games.

Etan averaged 3.3 TOs a game. That hurts. I can understand it better with Juan becasue Juan is a rookie learning PG. Etan needs to take care of the ball better.

Anyway, it is interesting stuff with a good format and decent breakdows for those that like to read stats.

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Thanks for posting this, as I was wondering how Juan did. I agree about Etan and the turnovers.

One thing about Doug Collins, his teams always, but always have good defense. Doug is much like Riley that way.

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with the Wiz this upcoming season.
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