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Okay I am going to base this on the assumption we finish either 4th or 5th and face Washington in round one. This division title talk is incredible to think about but I do not see Detroit collapsing enough to do that. I just do not. I want to start a thread talking about a potential Washington-Chicago matchup. Could be a great series I think.


Arenas Vs. Duhon
Hughes Vs. Hinrich
Dixon Vs. Gordon
Peeler Vs. Pike
Blake Vs. Pargo

Boy some great matchups there key could be number one how well we defend Hughes and number two if Duhon can give some scoring to balance things out a little.


Jeffries Vs. Deng
Hayes Vs. Nocioni
Jamison Vs. Davis
Brown Vs. Chandler
Thomas Vs. Harrington
Ruffin Vs. Griffin
Haywood Vs. Curry

I really like our advantages here. I mean Deng and Chapu against Jeffries and Hayes is not even close. Jamison is the tough one. Not sure exactly who might work best there. Something tells me we could see a Chapu a lot at PF although I have to wonder if Tyson and his length would bother Jamison. Key for them I think is they will need some kind of production from Kwame. I do not expect they will get it.

Guys call me crazy but I really think if we get the home court in this series we could actually pull it out despite our youth.

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Could be pretty intense too, given that pre-season brawl that happened as well. Bulls have been the 3rd best team in the east since December 1st, and with homecourt, I see no reason why we can't take any team outside of the Pistons and Heat in a 7 game series.

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I think a Bulls/Wizards matchup is going to be one of the most exciting playoff series of this year. That is going to be a fun series to watch! It will probably go to seven games, six at least. Hopefully we'll come out on top.
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