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Five years ago today, a team called the Kings, a team unlike any in Sacramento's mostly sordid NBA history, awoke in a hotel in San Antonio and prepared to play a season opener in which it would so resemble the Kings of old, you would never guess a revolution had begun.

You'd never guess that these Kings were about to alter the image of the franchise in ways that are still being felt around here, that they were just a couple of months away from completing the first winning season (27-23) in the club's West Coast existence and announcing themselves to the world during a heart-stopping playoff series with Utah.

You'd never guess that within maybe six weeks, the basketball universe's attention was going to be fully riveted on Jason Williams and Chris Webber and Divac - that the Kings would become, almost immediately, a desired destination for up-tempo, athletic pros.

Nope, at this point, Sacramento was hours away from being drilled 101-83 by a Spurs squad that would go on to win the league title in a lockout-shortened 1998-99 season. If you didn't know better, you'd have sworn that despite an offseason of franchise activity unprecedented in its daring and its naked risk-taking, nothing had changed. But you'd be wrong.
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