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Food for thought?

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I for one am VERY grateful for those of you who have the "ability" or "opportunity" to gain valuable information concerning the Bulls. Whether or not you have access to jerry krause, bill cartwright, any players, or any news correspondent who covers the Bulls, Your connections are the "lifeline" to all Bulls fans who are in the outter remotes of our country (Such as alabama!!!)and even overseas. Just to name one, SUS, I might be repeating myself, but your play by play of several of the summer league games was a highlight to my day! I really enjoyed it. thank you. The other side of the spectrum is this, there are a few who might have less knowledge of the Bulls organization or players or even the reporters who cover the bulls than I; there are likewise FAR MORE who have greater knowledge than myself. My point is, we need to be ever cognizant of ALL Bulls fans who wish to contribute and make a statement concerning THEIR Bulls also. This board for me, has been a oasis as far as Bulls boards go. I started our at Rival, then realgm and a couple other smaller ones. This one is HEAD AND SHOULDERS above them all! My last kudo goes to vindiesel to whom I look forward to meeting at dinner during the first round of the playoffs!! LOL GO BULLS~~~:grinning:
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I agree, I've been a long time poster to the ESPN Bulls Message Board and have even participated in a few live chats. This board is the best by far. The quality of posts are unparralleled. Go Bulls!
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