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Get used to being a lottery team and then trading your picks for Injured All Stars..

Quote from Newsday

"The days of overspending for mediocre talent, as the Knicks did last year when they traded Glen Rice for expensive, long-term obligations to benchwarmers Shandon Anderson and Howard Eisley, are over. If Layden felt Clark was worth it after averaging career highs of 11.3 points and 7.4 rebounds in only 27 minutes per game last season, he'd pay, but an NBA source indicated that the Knicks don't believe anyone in this summer's market is worth the full exception.

If Clark won't take less, the Knicks' search for a big man leads directly to Doleac by process of elimination. Seattle already re-signed center Jerome James, and second-year man Jarron Collins is expected to re-sign with Utah. Minnesota GM Kevin McHale has made it clear that he will match any offer to restricted free-agent center Rasho Nesterovic.

That leaves the 6-11, 262-pound Doleac, and he would have to settle for little more than half the midlevel exception"

So all of a sudden Layden thinks he can judge the worth of a player even though every GM in the league will prove him wrong.
So to all you Layden supporters enjoy Doleac at center and PRAY Mcdysees Knees hold up
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