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For cav fans...

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If the Warriors offered you guys Erick Dampier, #3 pick, and a choice between Danny Fortson or Larry Hughes...

would you trade Andre Miller?!
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In a heartbeat

That is a huge offer, which I don't think GS would ever make. For that matter, you can keep Dampier! Or, we'll take him and also throw in Wesly Person to make the salaries work.

I like Fortson, and with the #3.... Butler at #3, Wagner at #6

PG- Wagner
SG- Ricky Davis
SF- Lamond Murray/Butler
PF- Fortson/Mihm
C- Z/Diop

it's not a worldbeater, but it is young and athletic and in the right direction for us.
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Larry Hughes

They should just trade him back to Philly ( I know that is easier said than done), but he was effective there. I'm not sure he is a good fit in Clev either... hate to see a guy be in the wrong spot and turn into a malcontent.
I'll take door #2

I like the 2nd trade Cage... get rid of Ty, pick up Fortson, and the #3... I'd do it.
if I recall

I think Ty Hill may only have 1 year left, but it is a considerable sum. Lamond Murray may have a couple more years, but at a VERY reasonable price. He is VERY tradable because of his cap-friendly salary.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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