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Here is an idea for you,

Start a line up of

Blount(Tyson as soon as he is ready)

Erob has be shooting consistantly with a decent percentage and is deserving to start right now if he can commit himself to the team. Blount is consistant points also and that is what we really need right now is consistancy, and plez i beg u get hinrich some rest before the kid hurts himself for just loses confidence.

The Trading deadline - Keep the 3 C's it maybe a risk with crawford but do it anyways and make him know that we want him here and make him feel welcome he is going to be something if we work with him a little longer and the same goes with curry. What we need to be doing is shopping Everyone but Hinrich, and the 3 C's. We need to get rid of Fizer for anything basicly that can play cuz i dont feel like leting him go for nothing when the summer rolls around. Package him and Someone else and get us a SF that can play.

This summer- Dont just allow the guys to do w/e they want get on their backs and make them work, and if they dont want to A.K.A e-rob then trade them and make them know that it will happen. Put an offer on the table for Crawford a small one and allow the other teams to talk to him and then just match w/e they offer. If curry and chandler have a strong second half dont be dumb and not give them extentions just do it and dont think twice about it cuz if they walk cuz we cant afford to match another teams offer the next summer im going to be really really P.O.'d at pax.

To All bulls Fans: i know what u all are goign though i am also upset about this team, but we need to stick with them and give them some more time. remember Rome wasnt built in a day. Stop with the eddy is the next dominant center and the next shaq stuff just let the kid become who he will let eddy become eddy and get off of his back. Lets not be soo quick to get rid of crawford he is learning, he is far better than he was last year at this time he just needs to still learn some defense and learn not to just jack up shots all the time like Jalen "the cancer" Rose.
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