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"For any NBA writer (such as this one) who predicted that the Bulls' Ben Gordon would be the league's Rookie of the Year, Bohr's thought was especially poignant in the first weeks of the season. Because early on, Gordon had about as much chance at winning Rookie of the Year as Bohr did.

That Gordon, the third pick in last year's draft, was undersized (6-3, 200) and a defensive liability at shooting guard was no surprise. But no one knew Gordon would look so clueless offensively. He was miserable in the preseason, shooting 24.7 percent. He was worse in the Bulls' opener, shooting 0-for-6. In his first 17 games, Gordon shot 38.0 percent, averaged 10.5 points and had every atom of his confidence shaken.

"I couldn't shoot," Gordon says. "But I couldn't figure out why, either. It was frustrating."

College basketball fans know Gordon has been through down periods. At Connecticut, there was a seven-game dip early in 2004 when Gordon shot just 30-for-90, bringing the Huskies' offense to a standstill. But Gordon didn't remain in that slump long. He wound up winning the MVP award in the Big East Tournament, breaking Allen Iverson's tourney scoring record with 81 points in three games.

That's the Gordon that the Bulls hoped they were getting, the fearless shooter with a knack for knocking down big shots. That's what inspired that difficult prediction about Gordon's Rookie of the Year future.

Slowly, Gordon has emerged.

article goes on...pretty good read it here
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