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Foye PG replace James???

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Randy Foye
Birthdate: 9/24/83
NBA Position: Point Guard
College: Villanova
Class: Senior
Ht: 6-3
Wt: 205
Hometown: Newark, NJ
High School: East Side
Team Site Profile
2005 Stats

NBA Comparison: Antonio Daniels

Strengths: Talented lead guard ... Has persevered through a rough upbringing (losing both parents young) and shows great hunger and toughness because of it ... Excellent one on one player ... Has a bag of tricks offensively with crossovers and AND1 type moves ... Uses change of direction well to get his defenders off balance ... Plays well in an open court game with great speed and body control ... Handles the ball effortlessly ... Strong finisher capable of taking the ball all the way to the rack in traffic ... Very strong body able to physically overpower opponents ... Picture perfect high release and high arc on his shot ... Hard worker, his outside shot has shown steady improvement ... Capable of big time scoring outbursts ... Adept at shooting with just an inch of daylight ...Strong defender, very aggressive looking for steals on the ball and on passes ... Great leadership ability ... Excellent maturity ... Has excellent size/strength for the point guard position ... Quality free throw shooter ...

Weaknesses: Some consider him more of a combo than a true point guard ... Isn't a natural at setting the table and running the show as a point guard but has shown improvement in that area ... With Lowry playing the point, some of his deficiencies are covered up ... His passing ability is decent, but not great for a point guard ... Can be too aggressive at times offensively forcing bad shots ... Aggressiveness defensively can lead to foul problems, he can also get caught gambling for steals ...

we know how much James wants, we know the fa PG pool is very thin, Foye has been playing solid and if we cant get Gay, Morrison, I defenetely think it comes down to Carney, Brewer that is if we get shagged in the lotto.

Foye is the best PG in the draft, there are a few other good ones but if we are picking 5th or worse then I think Foye would be a wise pick.
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I like his game, but our 1 first rounder(top 5?) should yield a more coveted player than Foye, but it's not to say he can't be as good.
i'd rather draft shelden williams first.
aizn said:
i'd rather draft shelden williams first.
wont he be projected as a pure PF in the NBA, his nba comparism is AD, he could play C but the question is does Calengo think its worth to spend a top 8 pick on him, Randy Foye, Mardy Collins, Rajon Rondo are all good PG prospects not better than last years crop of Deron, Paul, Felton but still good.

The Fa pool of PG's is preatty crap, I'd take Calderon over almost any of them, James wants 6 Mill/season, he is playing for a big contract but I fear once he gets the cash he wont play with the integrity he currently play's with.

I suggest if we are stuck on pick 4-6 which would assure Gay, Morrison, probebly Bargani, Mcroberts gone then you are looking at

SG/SFRodney Carney
PG Randy Foye
SG/Sf Ronnie Brewer
PG/SG Mardy Collins
PF/C Tiago Splitter
PF Rajon Rondo
PF/C Sheldon Williams

little depth at PG.
SG reliable starter mo Pete but aging, behind him a project Grahem so you dont want to load up at SG, at if you are starting Villinueva who as well play's back up minutes at PF, you have Grahem & as the primary back up to Mo Pete.
Bonner behind Charlie him at SF (altough Bonner play's SF, PF/C), Grahem may get some PT here,
PF Bosh here heavy minutes 40 MPG Villinueva & Sow (if back or Slokar) to tke the garbadge minutes at PF.
C absolute crap Aruaja no progress, Sow, raw, Bonner horrid defender, serious lack of interior D.

Solution sign Nazr Mohammad to a 5 year 30 mill deal
draft a PG or a Swingman
Foye , Collins, Rondo good young players with healthy knee's that could play 15-23 MPG as rookies and Calderon start playing 25 MPG or Calderon 25 MPG back up 15, derrick martin if re-signed or another vet fill in the rest.

I really like Rodney Carney's game & Brewer's I think he or Brewer could come in and make a better impact as rookies than Grahem as a Swingman perhaps CV31 type numbers.

The James $$$$ issue will determine what position we look to solidify.
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I thought Raptors fans dont like James becuase he is a scoring point guard, becuase that is exactly what Foye is.
Foye is Mike James, part II.

And I always thought he was a SG...
Might as well get a legit SG instead of a tweener like Foye.

Brandon Roy would be a better fit.
The only NCAA PG that's impressed me in the tourny so far is Marcus Williams, and he'd be a major stretch with our pick.
Marcus Williams has been amazing, but no use in takin him top 5
Could trade down, dradt Williams AND get a big man in the trade
This makes me wish we had the Denver pick.

we need to decide what we are going to do in the offseason before we decide what to do with our pick.

we really need a center.. but if we plan on getting a FA center this offseason i think we are going a treasure chest of really good PG/SG avail with our pick

i like foye alot
could always trade down to get two teen picks to draft williams x 2 (shelden and marcus)
Is Lowry coming out?

A big gamble on potential rather than performance (at least, for now), but I've liked his game as a PG. Would be a stretch with our current first rounder though.
You never know what can happen re other moves, but with our deficiencies what they are, the last thing I target is a combo guard.

Even if one doesn't agree with my choice (SW), we still need BIG help up front. I don't see the help in the FA market. Splitter makes more sense unless you add a second pick.

If BC's plan is a combo guard in the draft and Pryz or Nazr, yikes.
so ur saying u want a C in the draft Splitter another raw project man I dont ewant to go with Hoffa part 2, Nazr/Pryz will bring instant help & contribution, I say get the best PG available or the best swingman to groom in to take over for Mo Pete, Grahem Is a true Power SF and should get all the back up PT behind Charlie & SF, he can play SG but his strenghts lie at SF, I say Carney or Brewer to groom the PT behind Mete.

Carney could turn out to be very good SG.

alot of ya are spectical about drafting a PG with the lotto pick, the pain of not having that other 1st rnd hurts but trading it alliows us to have chance to get a goosd C in FA (Nazr, Pryz, Nene (iwould'nt be to happy if he got 6 mill + a year on a deal greater than 3 years, who knows how long his knee's will hold up)
No, what I want is SW. Splitter is the alternative that seems to be a defensive-minded frontcourt player who plays against men, not boys.

I like Foye. But combo guards are easier to find than really good rebounders. i suppose it depends how they rate. Is Foye a mini Wade? Or Mike James light? Is Shelden AD or a bad Etan Thomas?

I don't like picking based on need, really. But if it is part of a larger plan, taking your rebounding and defense in the draft can make sense. It's not like we will be passing on the next MJ for Sam Bowie b/c we have our SG.
then how about Allan Ray in rnd 2 instead of Foye?

rnd 1 Swingman (Carney/Brewer) or PG Rondo, Collins (PG/SG can be compared to Mckie & A-Dub)
rnd 2 Allan Ray ben Gordon, Luther Head type player better suited for SG b/c of offensive game, lack true Sg hieght has versitility to play some PG.
Wouldn't say Marcus Williams is definitely going to be there at 10 ... ummm, the Hawks are in dire need of a PG, and they will draft in the top 5.
Williams is the total package at PG.

I can't imagine Shelden Williams playing center in the NBA, but stranger things have happened. I also can't imagine him going in the lottery.
The players that are on the rise right now:
O'Bryant at Bradley
Noah at Florida
McRoberts at Duke

All could feasibly go in the top 10.
85 lakers said:
Wouldn't say Marcus Williams is definitely going to be there at 10 ... ummm, the Hawks are in dire need of a PG, and they will draft in the top 5.
Williams is the total package at PG.

I can't imagine Shelden Williams playing center in the NBA, but stranger things have happened.
Marcus to the Hawks, you may be right but not with their pick. There is no PG near the top 10. Trade down.
The Hawks need size.

JJ has been putting up a monster game here and there--maybe he can be a point forward which will reduce the need for an effective floor general. They just need an unselfish defender at that spot like Chris Duhon.

But knowing the Hawks they'll take Rudy Gay or Adam Morrison.
The Hawks need a PG. Bad. I sincerely doubt the Hawks would do something smart unless they fire Billy King. But that's not the point.

Brandon Roy is a nice choice, but he's a SG, too, isn't he?

Marcus Williams should be available in the second round if he comes out. With a (very) high second round pick, he would be an outstanding addition to the Raptors, given that he's easily the best PG in the draft. With the high pick the Raptors will get, they should either take Carney (I'm a big fan of his) or trade it for a later pick and a centre (if possible). The trade should increase assets, in my opinion.
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