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Let's Go Streaking!
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1. San Antonio Spurs
2. Dallas Mavericks
3. Detroit Pistons
4. Sacramento Kings
5. Indiana Pacers
6. Utah Jazz
7. Minnesota T'wolves
8. New Orleans Hornets
9. Los Angeles Lakers
10. Philadelphia 76ers
11. Memphis Grizzlies
12. Milwaukee Bucks
13. Toronto Raptors
14. Houston Rockets
15. Phoenix Suns
16. Seattle Sonics
17. Boston Celtics
18. Denver Nuggets
19. Miami Heat
20. New Jersey Nets
21. Cleveland Cavaliers
22. Los Angeles Clippers
23. Chicago Bulls
24. Golden State Warriors
25. Washington Wizards
26. Orlando Magic
27. Portland Trail Blazers
28. New York Knicks
29. Atlanta Hawks


BNG (Bang for the Buck): Revenues directly from fans divided by wins in the past three years

FRL (Fan Relations): Ease of access to players, coaches & management

OWN (Ownership): Honesty; loyalty to players and city

AFF (Affordability): Price of tickets, parking and concessions

STD (Stadium Experience): Friendliness of environment; quality of game-day promotions

PLA (Players): Effort on the field; likability off it

CCH (Coach/Manager): Strong on-field leadership

CHA (Championships): Titles already won or expected -- soon

Please provide a link to the source in the future -- MJG
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