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free agent center

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hello grizzlies fans
i just read an article on gomemphis that said jerry west is looking to get a center as free agent.
if we stand as we are right now...that means we will have 4 centers with lorenzen, tmass, archibald and the free agent.
i guess this means that tmass may be packaged along with stromile or archibald will not be signed or lorenzen will move to PF. This is not possible coz then lorenzen and gasol would be fighting for minutes.
Therefore my best guess is that tmass will be packaged in the deal with stromile.
If that is the case, maybe we should resign solomon or buford and then package the trio for some value.
Also does anyone know anything about jerome james from seattle
Is he any good?
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Grizz looking for a center- Click here

This confuses me. All of us here are talking about the Grizz having too many big men and they want another 1.

They should try to get either Kandi and Keon Clark.

"We're going to be a tax payer," Heisley said, referring to the once dreaded luxury tax. "I've told Jerry that I want to build this team and make it as good as we can make it as soon as we can make it."

"This year, there's not a huge number of opportunities in free agency," Heisley said. "But we're going to get a couple of good players. Jerry knows I have complete trust in him. I'm a little bit more impatient than Jerry is so I'll probably be pushing him to spend the money more than he's willing to spend it."

Memphis needs a TRUE C... Jerome James?. He is still developing his game, but he got nice stats last season (sophomore) playing just 16 Mpg. BIG body (7¨1" and 272), impressive shotblocker, good rebounder.
Other candidates: Michael Doleac, Scott Williams... With mid-level exception ($4.5 million) and another $1.4 million Memphis cannot try to sign a big star (not a lot in the market this summer...), so I think Jerome James could be a good choice. Heisley wants "a couple of good players" from Free Agency... who will be the another one? and where will he play??.

Memphis has a lot of players now: 11 players under contract (Gill is in, and Buford, Fotsis, Long and Solomon are out) + Archibald, Owens, and Giricek... that´s 14 players, + 2 Free Agents... 16 players.

Memphis roster:

PG: JWill / Knight / Gill
SG: Dickerson / Person / Giricek (?)
SF: Battier / Owens
PF: Gasol / Gooden / Swift
C: Wright / Massenburg / Archibald

Memphis needs, by position...
PG?: We have 3, no one else is needed.
SG?: With Giricek (if he joins), Person and a healthy Dickerson, that´s enough (Battier can play SG if needed).
SF?: Battier is the man, Owens could be a good backup (Gasol, Gooden, Person and Dickerson can play if needed).
PF?: Overloaded... Gasol, Gooden, Swift (+ Owens, Wright and Massenburg if needed).
C?: Wright and Massenburg. Archibald could get some garbage minute. We can get a good backup from FA (If not, West will try a deal looking for a good starter).

Now Memphis has depth almost anywhere. This is not enough for Heinsley ("as good as we can make it as soon as we can make it."). So West will look for a young star (notice: Memphis still has the same starting 5 than last season). Probably he will trade for a good SG or combo guard (M Miller could be the first option).

New roster prediction (STARTERS/ bench):

PG: JWILL / New player or Knight / Gill
SG: NEW PLAYER / Person / Giricek / (Dickerson gone)
SF: BATTIER / Owens / (Gasol and-or Gooden will play minutes at three)
PF: GASOL / Gooden (Swift gone)
C: WRIGHT / New player / (Massenburg could stay, Archibald will not play).
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Jerome James would be a good pick up. Besides, the Grizz have released a few players in the last two days, so the cap won't be taking such a hit.
I agree T-MacFan. Jerome James is a diamond in the rough. He will put up good numbers next year if given time, but I would like to see him go to a team where he could start like the Magic, Bucks, Nuggets. If he got 30+ minutes a game he could be a good center. He has great size, 7-1 272, and is learning some post moves. He is only like 26 so he still has atleast 6 good years left in him.
Projected Stats:
73gms. 30.5mpg 9.5ppg 7.4rpg 2.7bpg
I like the Jerome James guy because of his raw talent. I also think Kandi would be a great acquisition to this team if we're not able to get James. I'd say if we were going to package a deal involving Stro and BK, I'd say that Kandi would be the player to do it for.
What about Keon Clark he's got a ton of potential.

-great shot blocker (holds the record for most in a game)
-Very KG like
- Nice mid range jumper

I see this guy bein a star in the near future.

Dont know much about Jeromme James tho. So I cant judge.

Only problem with KC is he will get killed against Shaq and the other big guys in the west. In the east there is only Zo and Antonio Davis guards him when the two teams play each other.
I don't think Keon Clark is a Center. I think he's a guy that's playing out of position. I'd say that Keon's natural position is the PF, which I really question him at. I mean the guy is only about 190lbs at best and he'll get dominated in the West.
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