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Friday 2/10 Game

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Chetburger is rounding up 12 guys at the RecPlex as we speak.
Fortunately we didn't need them tonight but I had 3 guys, 1 lady, and one purple-haired "other" in the bullpen for Anthony in case we ran out of bodies. I pulled them all off the same RecPlex coed team so they'd have some on-court continuity. I might call Travis and see if he need them.
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Speaking of the old days, who was on Snipe's all-star poster team? I remember that Chet was his 6th man, but I don't remember the starters.
I thought Dunga was PF but Humboldt jockeyed the lineups a bit. I got my usual 12 minutes of filler off the bench.
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1 - 2 of 66 Posts