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I was originally asking about SLU getting the 3rd and Fordham getting the 4th, and that I figured Ace would want Dayton to win. But then I remembered that even if SLU wins, Fordham could get 3rd by winning. I didn't even think about them dropping to 5th or 6th, ha. There are a bunch of ways this could play out. My daughter has a game at 2:30, so I'll miss most of them, unfortunately.
For what it's worth, Fordham has zero shot at the 4. It is 3, 5, or 6 for Fordham. The 3 is guaranteed with a win. The 3 is still a possibility depending on Mason and GW. There can be anywhere between 0 and 5 teams finishing at 11-7, so all the scenarios are bananas to try to figure out right now. Somebody on twitter did it though.

21 - 29 of 29 Posts