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From Lottery to Legitimacy?

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Out of all the lottery teams this year, who do you guys think has the most potential to become a perennial playoff team? Why? And what will be the first year they make the playoffs?

Here's mine to show what I'm talking about:

Houston Rockets

Reason: Strong nucleus set in place with Cuttino Mobley, Steve Francis, and Eddie Griffin. If they can get Yao Ming in NBA form, they'll be a threat for years to come especially years after Shaq leaves.

First year in playoffs: 2003-2004

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The Clipperz are the deepest team in the league. They are young but they will make the playoffs and get experience. They have developing point guards. And they have Marco Jaric coming over from europe. they don't need to make any moves. plus, Lamar Odom can play point forward.


This team will meat the Pacers in the Finals for years to come.
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