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Back in 1998, the Spurs won their championship in a shortened 50 game season. Also back in 1998, the Warriors had one of their most successful seasons that I can remember in the past decade.
They went 21-29, if they had played 82 games, they would have finished either 34-48 or 35-47. They even had a winning record at home, going 13-12. Much better than what they have been the past 3 seasons. The 1998 lineup was this:

C: Erick Dampier/ Adonal Foyle/Felton Spencer
PF:Jason Caffey/ Terry Cummings
SF:Chris Mills/ Donyell Marshal/ Antawn Jamison
SG:John Starks/ Duane Ferrell
PG:Tony Delk/ Bimbo Coles/ Muggsy Bouges

I remember watching the Warriors also blow many many fourth quarter leads. I belived this was the deepest team the Warriors ever had in recent years. There were several problems however:

1. There was no point guard. Coles simply isn't good enough to start, and Tony Delk is a shooting guard attempting to play point guard. Other than that, the Warriors were great at every position.
The most promising part of the season was Antawn Jamison, who had some very impressive games. The Warriors headed into the offseason. They couldn't wait for next season because of the turn around they had in '98. This is where things start to go bad.

2. Spencer, Cummings, Ferell, Bouges, and Delk were left unsigned. The biggest error the Warriors made was not resigning Delk, who played a big role in their turnaround. Addressing the need of a veteran point guard, the Warriors traded the #10 pick and Bimbo Coles for Mookie Blaylock.

Mookie was a bust. He skipped practices to go golfing. Marshall, a year later was traded for Fortson. Starks and the #7 pick was traded for Larry Hughes. Jason Caffey was traded for Bobby Sura and Vinny Del *****. Del ***** was later traded for Corie Blount.

I never understood what Saint was thinking when he made those trades. The only one I liked was the Hughes trade, but that never worked out. The Warriors entered a youth movement era that gets younger every year. Saint hopes to build the Warriors so that they can be good for a long time, but Jamison, the original building piece, is getting older. He is now 26 years old. If Saint hopes to build a franchise, he should NOT look at the draft-rather he should trade for proven players instead of drafting young people who will take the playing time away from the starters. Look what happened when Saint drafted Richardson-Hughes was shifted to point guard-and ended up being a bust. While I think Richardson is a better 2-guard than Hughes-I would have used that pick on a position that the Warriors had needed. Eddie Griffin was available-I would have taken him instead of Jrich.

The drafting of Dunleavy was a horrible move. The possibility of Dunleavy Sr being coach makes me sick. Once again, the Warriors are changing directions of their future. Saint never follows through with his initial plans and ends up changing it-starting ALL OVER AGAIN. If Saint had continued to make the 98 team better instead of going into a youth movement, I guarantee the Warriors would be a playoff team now. Instead, Saint kills off his most successful team since the Sprewell and Joe Smith rookie year. If Saint hopes to keep building the team this way, they will always take a step back. Constantly changing the building blocks of a team will ruin the team chemistry. Jamison is the franchise player-one of the only player that Saint really loves. With the current roster and the projected direction of the Warriors, Jamison will retire as a warrior at the old age of 35 without ever making the playoffs.
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