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Future is Bright!

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Ok, 4 straight losing seasons after 11 years of being at or close to the top of the East and NBA. I can live with that and here is the reason why.

Started 4-23 with Tim Floyd at the Helm. Finished 21-61, that's a record of 17-38 with Bill Cartwright as Coach. You saw more fire and better defense from the young team. 15 losses by 6 points or less, 25 losses by 10 points or less and many of those games the Bulls led in. We picked up a veteran with playoff and Finals experience in Jalen Rose. Developed 2 young big men(after Floyd left) that showed signs of being solid players and maybe even great players. Got a steal in Trenton Hassel. Jamal Crawford showed he could be a good scorer, he really doesn't seem to be a point but a 2-guard. And we have the #2 pick in the draft with Jay Williams waiting, as long as Golden State and LA Clippers don't move up to get him. He is the best sure pick in the draft as he was on a winning team and was a leader. Yeah, his free throw shooting might be shaky but Jordan wasn't a great shooter when he first came into the league.

With all these factors and a finally a coach that knows the pro game and not college, I see the Bulls winning between 25 and 35 games this year. More than that and that would be a very successful season. Anything less would be a failure in my eyes. Playoffs by 2004 and from there it is a climb up. As long as they can keep the team together, I can see a team no one in the East can beat. We would be in the Conf. Finals every year and think Curry, Chandler, Crawford, Hassell, and Williams will be in their early 20's. Scary, very scary!
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Nice Post. Welcome to the board. I want to add to the fact that the last 30 games or so they were 9-21(i think) So without any draft picks or FA thats roughly a 27 win team. No improvements. But Rose will be in trainging camp and that alone will add a could of wins on to us. So yeah we could be a 30-35 win team. I can see us beating teams we were not suppose to beat and losing to teams we should hav beat due to our youth. Yes indeed. The future does look bright
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