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Future Stars

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Who do you guys think out of last years rookie class will be the best.

Here's my top 10:

1 Tyson Chandler, showed signs of an all-star
2 Pau Gasol, can do it all
3 Eddy Curry, Next guy to compete with Shaq
4 Joe Johnson, Celts will wish they never gave him up
5 Tony Parker, Best PG in draft, a steal so late in 1 rd.
6 Andrei Kirilenko,not quite Dirk but will come close
7 Rich Jefferson, enough said
8 J Rich, will be a premier SG
9 Shane Battier, will be a good player for many years to come
10 Eddie Griffin, showed signs of greatness in college, can he do it here?
11 Jamaal Tinsley, an above average PG
12 Trenton Hassell, a 2nd rd. steal


Kwame Brown, ouch Korleone Young all over again
Troy Murphy, Same as Ryan Humphrey
Micheal Bradley, No Way
Steven Hunter, shoulda stayed in college
Gerald Wallace, Isaih Rider all over again


B Haywood, A solid starter
K. Brown, hes got some hops
Loren Woods, an above average backup
Joe Forte, he'll be better than we think
Gilbert Arenas, An above average backup
Zach Randolph, wont get much PT in that loaded Portland lineup
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Are you kidding mw, Dixon was a terrible pick at 17, Jeffries isnt doing well in the summer league, and how can you say Jordan has been a great GM, we havent even seen half the players hes brought in play, and I know Larry Hughes hasnt met expectations. I honestly dont think Kwame will be good but that's my opininon.
Hey UNCStateGuy,

They're just predictions, I just wanted to get other people's thoughts on how last years draft class will fare in a few years.

As for Kirilenko, I was comparing him to Dirk because as you know Dirk should have been a much higher pick and I think Kirilenko should have been picked in the lottery, I'm not saying he will play like Dirk.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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