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Brooklyn, be on alert -- Thibs is coming to your borough. Our fangs our dripping and we are anxious to put a ball in your net. SWISH!

This is the first of four match ups we will have with the Nets this season. Let's start this off on the right note. Looks like we'll have all of our starters for this one.

Set their nets on fire!


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Chicago Bulls (10 - 6)

PG: Derrick Rose | PF: Pau Gasol | C: Joakim Noah | SF: Mike Dunleavy | SG: Jimmy Butler


Brooklyn Nets (6 - 8)

PG: Deron Williams | PF: Kevin Garnett | C: Brook Lopez | SF: Joe Johnson | SG: Bojan Bogdanovic


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A nice win for our Bulls! I am really getting excited about Butler. I keep expecting him to return to earth but he is consistently scoring 20+ points per game. Plus, he still plays great defense.

Gasol, Rose and Mirotic also looked good.
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