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After a hard fought and injury plagued road tour, we end our circus trip this year with a 4 - 3 record. Now we're headed back to the United Center to host one unlucky team named the Dallas Mavericks. Have you ever seen a bull and a horse dancing? Well, it's not pretty... for the horse, that is. Dirk Nowitzki, we await you.


Dallas, you want to get all mavericky up in here? Bring it!

PREVIEW: Coming soon.

Random Noah Quote:
"There is no question in my mind — 100 percent — that I can get to where I want to be physically this season. I have to be positive. I know how far I've come just in the last month. It was more than a scope. That's what it was supposed to be. So it definitely took longer than we expected. But it's nothing that I can't recover from and be back 100 percent and be right."
Chicago Bulls (11 - 6)

PG: Derrick Rose | PF: Pau Gasol | C: Joakim Noah | SF: Mike Dunleavy | SG: Jimmy Butler

Injury Report:

PF: Taj Gibson - Sprained Ankle


Dallas Mavericks (13 - 5)

PG: Devin Harris | PF: Dirk Nowitzki | C: Tyson Chandler | SF: Chandler Parsons | SG: Monta Ellis

Injury Report:

PG: Jameer Nelson - Back spasms



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Oh man, what a bad way to lose. Bulls had it in the bag and Hinrich fouled Monta Ellis in a shooting motion for 3 foul shots. I know the Bulls were trying to foul there, but I REALLY have never liked fouling in that situation where there are a few seconds left in the game and you're up by 3. There are differing schools of thought on how to approach that situation, and this is exhibit A why I think you always avoid the foul & just focus on forcing them into a tough 3-pt attempt. In this day & age, players are just too good and too quick at getting a shot off when you're trying to foul them; to the point where I think your chances are better with a rushed 3-pt shot. Plus it's so much less demoralizing if he hits a 3 versus making the mistake Hinrich did.

Adding insult to injury, this sent the game to double OT and put Jimmy Butler at 50 minutes played, Gasol at 48 , Dunleavy at 40, Rose at 36, Noah at 36. We have a game tonight and these guys aren't exactly made of iron. Be careful out there....fortunately after tonight we only have 1 game in the next 6 days.
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