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Well, it appears Rose has the sniffles. Never to worry, Jimmy Butler is becoming a beast in his own right. While it was in the absence of Carmelo Anthony, Jimmy Butler unleashed some impressive numbers including a career high 35 pt. game. He also posted 5 reb, 7 ast, and 9/10 free throws, in route to a 103 - 97 victory against the Knicks.

Now the Bulls are on the road for a back to back game against one of the most red hot teams in the West, the Memphis Grizzlies (21 - 4). It's time to tame these wild bears.

A Bull and a bear wrestling? Don't get stabbed by the horns. It's about to get all grizzly up in here!

Gasol vs. Gasol? - I'm betting Gasol wins!


Random Jimmy Butler Quote:
"I’ve never been the best player on my team, I never probably will be, but I’ve always been a hard worker, a guy that doesn’t give up on himself, who has the utmost confidence in himself. It’s just, now I play for the Chicago Bulls."
Chicago Bulls (16 - 9)

PG: Kirk Hinrich | SG: Jimmy Butler | SF: Mike Dunleavy | PF: Pau Gasol | C: Joakim Noah

Injury Report:

PG: Derrick Rose - Illness

PF: Taj Gibson - Ankle (Questionable)

SF: Doug McDermott - Knee


Memphis Grizzlies (21 - 4)

PG: Mike Conley | SG: Courtney Lee | SF: Tayshaun Prince | PF: Zach Randolph | C: Marc Gasol

Injury Report:

SF: Tony Allen - Eye (Questionable)



Brought to you by the Every Rose Has Its Thorns (ERHIT) Commission
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