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49 points in a single quarter against the #1 team in the East? Have the Bulls come of age? We'll see tonight. The Bulls are coming off of a 129 - 120 home victory against the Toronto Raptors, in which Rose and Butler combined for 56 points. Now the Bulls face the Wizards in a back to back road game. This won't be easy going against the #3 team in the East. The Wizards gave the Bulls great trouble in the playoffs last year, where the Bulls lost the series 1 - 4.

Time to ante up. Whose going to show up tonight?



Random Joakim Noah Video:
Don't Mess With Joakim

Chicago Bulls (18 - 9)

PG: Derrick Rose | SG: Jimmy Butler | SF: Mike Dunleavy | PF: Pau Gasol | C: Joakim Noah

Injury Report:

SG: Kirk Hinrich - Hamstring

Injury Report:

SF: Doug McDermott - Knee


Washington Wizards (19 - 7)

PG: John Wall | SG: Bradley Beal | SF: Paul Pierce | PF: Kris Humphries | C: Marcin Gortat

Injury Report:

SF: Martell Webster - Back



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