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Time: 9:00 PM ET Friday, November 18, 2005
TV: MSG, Altitude.
Location: Pepsi Center, Denver, Colorado

Projected New York Knicks Starting Lineup
PG - 3 Stephon Marbury 6-2 200 2/20/77 Georgia Tech
SG - 23 Quentin Richardson 6-6 230 4/13/80 DePaul
SF - 9 Matt Barnes 6-7 235 3/9/80 UCLA
PF - 32 Antonio Davis 6-9 245 10/31/68 UTEP
C - 34 Eddy Curry 6-11 285 12/5/82 None​

New York Knicks Reserves
4 Nate Robinson G 5-9 180 5/31/84 Washington
45 Jackie Butler FC 6-10 250 3/10/85 None
11 Jamal Crawford SG 6-5 190 3/20/80 Michigan
7 Channing Frye C 6-11 248 5/17/83 Arizona
42 David Lee F 6-9 249 4/29/83 Florida
13 Malik Rose F 6-7 245 11/23/74 Drexel​

New York Knicks Players Stats:

New York Knicks Head Coach:

Larry Brown

Larry Browns Coaching History:


Projected Denver Nuggets Starting Lineup
PG - 24 Andre Miller 6-2 205 3/19/76 Utah
SG - 3 DerMarr Johnson 6-9 201 5/5/80 Cincinnati
SF - 15 Carmelo Anthony 6-8 230 5/29/84 Syracuse
PF - 56 Francisco Elson 7-0 235 2/28/76 California
C - 23 Marcus Camby 6-11 230 3/22/74 Massachusetts​

Denver Nuggets Reserves
11 Earl Boykins PG 5-5 133 6/2/76 Eastern Michigan
1 Voshon Lenard SG 6-4 215 5/14/73 Minnesota
21 Eduardo Najera F 6-8 220 7/11/76 Oklahoma
7 Greg Buckner SG 6-4 205 9/16/76 Clemson
43 Linas Kleiza F 6-8 245 1/3/85 Missouri
8 Earl Watson PG 6-1 195 6/12/79 UCLA​

Denver Nuggets Players Stats:

Denver Nuggets Head Coach:

George Karl

George Karls Coaching History:

Out of game due to Injuries
31 Nene Hilario FC 6-11 260 9/13/82 None
6 Kenyon Martin PF 6-9 240 12/30/77 Cincinnati (questionable)
9 Bryon Russell GF 6-7 225 12/31/70 Long Beach State
11 Earl Boykins PG 5-5 133 6/2/76 Eastern Michigan (questionable)


All NY Knicks fans and Denver Nuggets fans get in! :banana:

Denver Nuggets fans, we are facing an old coach of ours in Larry Brown.

Home sweet home the Nuggets return! We play great at home, and should be able to run on the Knicks. I haven't watched much of the Knicks this season, but from the few games I saw they were getting better. They are young, athletic, and quick. I think their inexperience will keep them from being a real threat this season against most teams. However the Nuggets have been up and down this entire season. We are sluggish in some games. Other games we come out with tons of energy. I excpect a really good game tonight and as always hoping for a Nuggets win!

Let's go Nuggets!

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I will be very upset if my knicks cannot win this game. I believe denver has both Nene and Martin sitting on injury problems so EC should be able to exploit the frontcourt of the Denver Nuggets. If Marbury can get 8-9 assists tonight to boot I will be one very happy Knicks fan. I however look forward to seeing Carmelo Anthony, one of my favorite players in the league compete tonight against the Knicks.

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knicksfan said:
I however look forward to seeing Carmelo Anthony, one of my favorite players in the league compete tonight against the Knicks.
Yea Melo is my favorite!
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I'm looking forward to this game as well. The Knicks have a lot of talent, still just very inexperienced. Yet I'm sure this will be a really good game.

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Nuggets win! Denver 95, New York 86.

With the win tonight the Nuggets are leading the Northwest division.
Denver 5 -5
Minnesota 4-4
Seattle 4-5
Portland 3-4
Utah 4-6

Very good game by Carmelo Anthony and Marcus Camby.

Marcus was huge again tonight with 20 points and 13 rebrounds. Camby is having a great all star type season so far.

Carmelo lead the way with 25 points 5 rebounds and 3 assists.

NBA.Com re-cap

Carmelo says he is still finding his shot this season.

"I still think I'm trying to find my shot a little bit," said Anthony, who was 8-of-15 from the field. "I take what the defense gives me, take the easy shot and get out in the open court and run. It was the the first time all year I haven't seen a double-team. I had to take advantage of it."

Box Score


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Frye benefitted from a small Denver lineup. Did anyone notice he was getting most of his boards and points w/ Camby on the bench?

He looked good though. Especially on the play where Camby pump faked him from the top of the key and then drove it uncontested to the rack and threw it down with authority!

Denver looking GOOD! Really starting to run the ball and find their formula!
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