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Game 40, Home Game 23
Monday, January 21, 2013 – 8:30 PM CT
United Center
TNT / ESPN 1000 AM / WRTO 1200 AM

ALL-TIME ......................Bulls trail 56-84
BULLS HOME STREAK............... 1 Win
BULLS ROAD STREAK ............... 1 Win

Jan. 21 @ Chicago –
March 10 @ Los Angeles

Jan. 19 vs Grizzlies L 82-85 (OT)
Jan. 18 @ Celtics W 100-99 (OT)
Jan. 16 @ Raptors W 107-105 (OT)
Jan. 14 vs Hawks W 97-58
Jan. 12 vs Suns L 81-97

Game Notes

Chicago Bulls (23-16)
Home 11-11
Road 12-5

Bulls Averages:
PPG: 93.8 (Opp: 91.7)
RPG: 43.82 (Opp: 40.87)
APG: 22.8 (Opp: 18.4)
SPG: 7.28 (Opp: 7.82)
BPG: 5.10 (Opp: 5.64)
TO: 15.03 (Opp: 14.23)
FG%: .439 (Opp: .429)
FT%: .784 (Opp: .749)
3p%: .354 (Opp: .338)

Probable Bulls starters

Kirk Hinrich - PG -
Richard Hamilton - SG -
Jimmy Butler - SF -
Carlos Boozer - PF -
Joakim Noah - C -

Bulls Stats Leaders
Points: Deng 17.4, Boozer 16.2
Rebounds: Noah 10.6, Boozer 10.1
Assists: Hinrich 5.2, Noah 4.1
Steals: Noah 1.29, Deng 1.08
Blocks: Noah 2.00, Gibson 1.26

FG%: Butler .494, Boozer .484
FT%: Hamilton .902, Butler .859
3FG%: Hamilton .400, Belinelli .382

Injury report
Luol Deng (right hamstring) is day-to-day.
Derrick Rose (left knee) is out.

For a full report and the latest on Bulls' injuries, check out the AthletiCo Injury Report.

Los Angeles Lakers (17-23)
Home 12-10
Road 5-13

Probable Lakers starters

Steve Nash - PG
Kobe Bryant - SG
Metta World Peace - SF
Earl Clark - PF
Dwight Howard - C

Injury report
▪ Steve Blake (abdominal surgery) is out.
▪ Jordan Hill (torn labrum, left hip / herniated disc) is out.
▪ Dwight Howard (torn labrum, right shoulder) is probable.

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We have to win tonight. I so need bragging rights against my co-workers.

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This game worries me a bit in spite of LA's struggles.

For one, LA is not as bad as everyone is making them out to be. Far below expectations, yeah, and their defense sucks, but they still do have a potent offense. In fact I believe they have a positive point differential and even Hollinger's algorithm has them ranked #14 out of 30 teams. And that is with all the injuries to Nash, Gasol, and Howard. So they can still beat you, especially with everyone in the lineup.

Also I feel like this Bulls squad sans Rose doesn't match up well with "good offense, bad defense" brand of teams. My theory is b/c our offense isn't good enough to really take advantage of their bad defense.

Fingers crossed, though...go Bulls!

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Also a few things I would love to see given the Lakers' strengths/weaknesses:

- Start with Jimmy Butler guarding Kobe, put Rip on Metta.

- Play Marquis Teague! He's the one guy we have who might actually give Steve Nash problems on both ends. Kirk can defend Nash but won't exploit Nash's poor defense. And Nate is the opposite; will exploit his poor D but will give it right back on the other end. Teague will blow by Nash (just like all other quick PGs in this league) but can still cling to him defensively.

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Good win... A little less impressive after getting to see a full game of the Lakers for the first time this year. Talented team on paper, but man are they slow. They have zero athletes on that team. The Bulls were shooting lights out, so it prob wouldn't have mattered for them anyways, but I'm feeling sorry for L.A. Aging stars on a team with absolutely no chemistry, and no answer in sight. Going to be hard to rebuild with no first round picks...

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Man, Jimmy Butler is just a joy to watch. I've always enjoyed watching him but seeing him take it to Kobe like that was awesome. The kid has guts and makes big-time plays in big moments.

Have to wonder, with Jimmy's proven athleticism and quick feet, can he be a long-term SG solution for us? Not yet, IMO, but if that jumper comes around a little more we might have something...his mechanics and track record are already so much better than Ronnie Brewer.

That said, the Lakers are such a poorly constructed and poorly coached team. D'Antoni is such a fraud, so glad we never hired him.
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