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Detroit Pistons
Record: 56 - 14 (.800)
Standings: First, Central
At Home: 31 - 3
At Road: 25 - 11
Streak: W 1
Philadelphia 76ers
Record: 32 - 37 (.464)
Standings: Second, Atlantic
At Home: 20 - 15
At Road: 12 - 22
Streak: L 2

PPG: 96.6 Opp PPG: 89.6
FG%: .452 Opp FG%: .449
RPG: 40.4 Opp RPG: 41.2
PPG: 99.6 Opp PPG: 101.6
FG%: .456 Opp FG%: .462
RPG: 40.7 Opp RPG: 43.3

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Hamilton, R 70 20.6 3.4 3.4
Billups, C 70 18.9 3.2 8.7
Wallace, R 70 15.5 6.9 2.4
Prince, T 70 13.9 4.3 2.2
Wallace, B 70 7.5 11.7 2.0
McDyess, A 70 7.3 5.0 1.0
Delk, T 12 6.4 1.8 1.0
Evans, M 69 5.1 2.1 0.8
Cato, K 23 3.8 2.7 0.1
Delfino, C 58 3.3 1.6 0.7
Johnson, A 1 2.0 0.0 0.0
Maxiell, J 21 1.7 0.5 0.0
Hunter, L 19 1.6 1.2 1.3
Acker, A 3 0.7 0.0 0.0
Davis, D 20 0.6 1.4 0.2
Head Coach: Flip Saunders

Iverson, A 61 32.8 3.4 7.5
Webber, C 66 20.1 10.0 3.4
Iguodala, A 69 12.4 5.9 2.8
Korver, K 69 11.7 3.4 2.2
Salmons, J 69 8.0 2.8 2.8
Dalembert, S 53 7.6 8.4 0.4
Hunter, S 58 5.7 3.8 0.2
Barnes, M 44 3.3 2.3 0.5
Ollie, K 64 2.7 1.4 1.3
Randolph, S 44 2.3 2.4 0.3
Williams, L 24 1.8 0.5 0.3
Bradley, M 37 1.6 2.5 0.4
Head Coach: Maurice Cheeks

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Detroit @ Philadelphia 7:30 pm ESPN DET | PHI Preview
Indiana @ Atlanta 7:00 pm NBALP IND | ATL Preview
Dallas @ Cleveland 7:00 pm NBALP DAL | CLE Preview
Seattle @ Houston 8:30 pm NBALP SEA | HOU Preview
Orlando @ Minnesota 8:00 pm NBALP ORL | MIN Preview
Utah @ Denver 10:00 pm ESPN2 UTA | DEN Preview
NO/Okla. City @ Golden State 10:30 pm NBALP NOK | GSW Preview
Sacramento @ Portland 10:00 pm NBALP SAC | POR Preview

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Back to Top Mar 29 2006 6:03AM

Eh, I did it as best as I could, lol.

In any case the 76ers aren't simply cold, and no it doesn't mean their hot. They simply stink, worse then your 12 year old adolescent, worse then the National Garbage Can of America. Simply put it, they have under-achieved this season, expected to win the division and 50 games, they're lucky if they even win 40. As a matter of fact if they lose 4 straight games, their lost total will be 41 clinching another Losing season for Mo Cheeks.

What a disgrace this organization is, 4 years ago, we were cheering about Larry Brown and Company beating the odds, and advancing to the NBA finals, only to run into a Lakers Organization that was red hot. We thought we would return, we thought we would win games. We didn't, Billy King made the idiotic choice of rebuliding, and with that comes fans hoping for a "future". Let me tell you this: That future will consist of more embrassing records, and even a more embrassing franchise. The roster will look NOTHING like the 2001 NBA finals squad, and not just because of Allen Iverson's expiring contract in 2009. It won't have the coach, the passion, the swagger. Oh and yes the roster.

The 2001 76ers were the best things that happened to us, recapturing all that has happened is a magical thing indeed. Projected to be the 4th seed in the playoffs and to at least reach the 2nd round, the 76ers showed glispes of great promise, but with Theo Ratliff's Latest injury, the 76ers no longer had a dominate center (Sammy Dalembert was injuried for the most part of the year). Billy King then very smartly and wisely, sent Theo Ratliff to the Atlanta Hawks, who then had Dikembe Mutombo. Under Mutombo's defensive presense, along side Eric Snow and George Lynch. (The Players I name aren't, weren't starters infact I think Lynch has retired.) Allen Iverson reached the NBA finals for the first time in his 7 year career. (We thought he would have many more trips, and it would be like MJ, who never won the finals until his 9th year I believe). Unfourtantely as we know management has tempted with that.

Now that Billy King has made the horrid commitment "To winning now and the future" The fanbase has believed in this plan, as a result let the franchise sink to this......3 losses, that's all it'll take for a losing record.

We have done it, for all the critizing we have done to Billy King, we have let him take full control of the steering wheel, this arguably has to be the worst roster Allen Iverson has ever played on. Despite all the youth and talent on this team, they are not the dominate force that they could've been. They are not nearly as dedicated to the game as they have said in TC (Training Camp). Instead they are a bunch of babies likely to be together in 2007-2008, and maybe even in 2009. This is what King calls "Winning now and winning in the future" This is what fans call rebuliding. And now as we "Prepare" to face the Detroit Pistons. This is what I call King and the 76ers organization (and some of the fans who actually believed in management).


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please please pretty please beat the pistons, im hoping they are tired from last night

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Jesus Christ...heres an idea lets play sloppy and not protect the basketball over and over after we work hard on the D end to get a steal or a D rebound. 3 times in 5 plays they turned it over on a sloppy pass after betting possesion in the damn backcourt and then another time in transistion. 6 turnovers in 6 mins.

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Iggy with a big time dunk to get the sixers energy up and the team back into it. God I get ****ing HYPED everytime he does something like that. That is why he's my second fav. despite his unwillingness to step up.

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Sixers have been playing like they mean it ever since that dunk. We are down 4 but everyone is working now. AI's shot selection has been somewhat questionable at this point. He looks like he really wants to take over but his shot hasn't been there for him this half.He's in shoot first pass second mode that might either be dangerous or helpful depending on whether or not his shot starts falling.

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Can Someone Please explain this lineup to me i Just turned on the game im looking at the box score Sammy has played 5 minutes and Hunter has played 4 what the hell is going on is Webber our Center now?
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How often do the Sixers play like this?They did a decent job of keeping this game close,but right now they are just playing horrible ball.If they hadn't turned the ball over so much this would still be a game.
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